A Beginner's Guide to Analog Watches
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A Beginner’s Guide to Analog Watches

An analog watch or analog wristwatch is an electronic watch that has a non-digital screen but instead a conventional watch face with a traditional analog clock face. The term is also an example of a synonym; for analog watches, that had originally been known as “dials”, were later renamed “watches” because they no longer had any digital features. The traditional analog watches with the traditional clock face had no other digital features than the time. Analog watches were first worn by military men in the 1930s. The army’s army tactical watches were made up of an analog face and a black dial, with the military’s main military mission in mind being to track its soldiers in battle.

The analog military style watch has remained popular among military personnel to this day. With a traditional watch face, the watch could be easily distinguished from a civilian timepiece. As time went on, the military watch design became more streamlined and modern, and the analog watch face changed from a rectangular one to the more common circular or oval-shaped face that most of us are familiar with today.

Analog watches also made their way into the civilian market as more manufacturers began manufacturing them. They were used by a number of celebrities in both television and movie roles; one such celebrity is David Hasselhoff, who wears the Timex Taurus Digital Watch to play an FBI Agent on the TV show Miami Vice, as well as on movies such as ‘Air Force One’.

Digital watches have become much more popular than the analog variety; they are still worn by some military personnel, but the majority of people are wearing digital watches to replace their analog wristwatches. Digital watches have the advantage of being more accurate, being able to display more information and even have the ability to display data such as the date and time, and other time-related information.

It has also been said that analog wristwatches are not quite as stylish as digital wristwatches; they do have a retro look about them, but for many people these days, a modern watch is much more in style than a vintage looking watch with a vintage dial. This is why so many people opt for the sleek and slim design of the digital watch. The digital wristwatch on the other hand, can often be found in a number of colors and styles. Some are made out of leather, others are plastic or even metal. The more traditional designs tend to come with more sophisticated shapes and designs than the more modern and minimalist designs.

Today there are many different brands and manufacturers of both the analog and digital watch, as well as many different colors and styles available to choose from. You will find that some of the more popular brands are Timex, Citizen, Omega, Breitling, Elegance, and more recently Fossil.

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