A Brief Guide to Garmin Watches
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A Brief Guide to Garmin Watches

If you own a Garmin Instinct GPS navigator, odds are good that you’ll also have a Garmin Oceanic Waterproof version as well. When you could rely on Instinct, your world could depend on you. This durable, rugged outdoor GPS device is engineered to the U.S. Coast Guard standard 810G for water, shock and weight resistance (up to 100 meters). Like all GPS devices, however, it can be damaged or ruined if dropped or otherwise impacted in water.

One of the most common problems with Garmin Instinct GPS devices is that the LED screen can become very bright, even when the unit is turned off. While the brightness of the display is easily fixed by unplugging the device from the wall outlet, another potential source of damage is when the display housing gets wet. If the screen were covered, you would need to take the Garmin instinct underwater. Thankfully, Garmin has provided a couple of different solutions to fix this potential problem.

First, you can attempt to dry the Garmin instinct or the display housing by leaving the device on a table, rack or other dry surface. This should provide immediate relief from bright sunlight and excessive heat. You should then store the Garmin instinct in a cool dry location. If there is still unnecessary moisture remaining, a quick trip to the bathroom may remove some of the water. Following these simple steps should provide long term solutions to drying the device.

If you find that the Garmin instinct is still showing an abnormal number of readings despite the above suggestions, you may have to clean or repair the display housing. If the compass comes off the watch face, first press and hold both the power and heart rate buttons. Release the power button but hold the heart rate button for a few seconds.

An automatic door sensor can be easily programmed into the Garmin instincts. Manual entry and exit commands can be set to activate during outdoor activities like hiking and biking. This feature helps prevent accidental triggering of the stopwatch. However, if you wish to track your heart rate while outdoors, you should purchase the manual model.

As we all know, the battery life is an issue when using the Garmin outdoors. Most people use their watches either indoors or outdoors and are forced to choose between low battery life and accuracy. Luckily, there is now a solution for both problems. Many of the Garmin outdoor watches offer night vision for those who do not enjoy tracking their heart rate during the day. These watches use a small solar panel to charge the battery so that it does not run down even in the dark.

The heart rate monitor chest strap included with the Garmin instinct and many other models is prone to getting loose. This may be a problem when you are hiking. If your chest strap ever becomes loose you can easily replace it. It is highly recommended that you do not subject your chest strap to harsh conditions. If you want to make sure the chest strap stays on always make sure you do not get any sweat on it and store it away when it is not in use.

One final thing to note is that many Garmin watches have a limited warranty. Most of them offer one year or longer warranties. In the event that your Garmin instinct or other model develops a fault after the warranty has expired, then you will need to purchase a replacement watch. These warranties will often cover any damage caused by substandard products.

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