A Review of Citizen Automatic Watches
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A Review of Citizen Automatic Watches

Citizen automatic watches are known for their accuracy and durability. The company is also known for the quality and precision it applies to its products. A Citizen watch is not just a piece of jewelry; it is an expression of the individual’s lifestyle and status. For many, a Citizen watch signifies commitment to the finest materials and watchmaking craftsmanship. There are many types of Citizen automatic watches available including ladies watches, men’s watches, pocket watches, sports watches and more.

In the Automatic line of watches, Citizen is an ultimate leader in innovation, cutting-edge technology and precise accuracy of design and beauty. The Men’s Watch in the Automatic collection has a square black and stainless steel case and bracelet. The dial is a clean, simple layout accented by minute and hour hand-engraving. The stainless steel bezel is coated with rhodium plating for durability. The top of the bezel is finished with a deployment clasp in blue or green gold and a deployment clasp in black leather.

The ladies watch in the Automatic line is powered by a push-piece lever that operates both the hands for hour and minute hand. It is round in shape and has a bright orange face and hands with Citizen’s red-line hands. The brown-dial with blue-black hands is accentuated with a deployment clasp in green or blue gold. This ladies watch also features a brown chronograph with luminous hands.

The automatic men’s watches are powered by a push-piece lever that operates both the hands for a minute and hour hand. These men’s watches come in stainless steel and a brown dial with a black-blue hand. The bezel is finished in a matte gold or black metal.

Citizen ladies watch is designed especially for women. The ladies’ watch is powered by a push-piece lever that operates both the hour and minute hands. It has a round face and hands in a light blue or green. This ladies watch is available in stainless steel or an aluminum bracelet. It comes with a brown chronograph with luminous hands and a brown buckle.

The Citizen watch company was founded in the late nineteenth century as a manufacturer of mechanical watches in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The name was changed to Citizen after two years and later to Citizen because it was then recognized as a world leader in watch manufacturing. Today, Citizen is recognized for making watches for both men and women. The company is known for providing high quality timepieces that are durable and reliable. Some of the most popular men’s watches are Citizen Automatic, Citizen Men’s Watch, Citizen Grandfather, Citizen Chronograph Men’s Watch, Citizen Monitor, Grandfather Chronograph, Monitor Grandfather, and Citizen Emperor.

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