Manual Winding Watches - Advantages and Disadvantages
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Manual Winding Watches – Advantages and Disadvantages

Manual winding watches are the ones that wind themselves by the wearer’s hand. Unlike automatic winding watches, manual winding ones are less precise and give a less precise time reading. They are often a great choice for those who want more accuracy than their wristwatches could give but do not want to use their wrist to keep it wound. This article will show you which manual winding watches are available and what they have to offer.

The first category of winding watches is those that rely on the wearer’s own strength to keep the watch running. These are the cheapest watches, as the motor is under close control of the person wearing it. More accurate than they are cheap, these watches need a bit of skill to wind properly. These watches are a popular choice for many people.

The second category is powered by the wearer’s own power. These are the most expensive watches, since the motor needs to be charged by the wearer’s own body energy. They are an attractive option for those with serious watches to show off, but who don’t fancy the idea of having to wind their timepiece manually. These watches often have a large battery and are designed to wind up to the nearest minute. These are not necessarily self-winding watches, but can be wound manually.

Thirdly there are battery powered winding watches. These are the ones that have small batteries that need to be recharged by the watch using their own energy. Like their battery operated counterparts, they tend to run on a tiny bit of energy supplied by the wearer’s own motion. These are the easiest to wear, and allow you to read your watch in relative time, which can be a big bonus if you are an athlete.

There are some disadvantages to battery powered manual winding watches. Firstly they are more likely to suffer from water damage than their battery operated counterparts. Secondly they don’t wind down as fast as their winded counterparts – hence the need to wind them back up in the event of a power outage. Also they are not waterproof and are not as robust as their battery operated counterparts.

Overall we have to agree that manual winding watches do have an advantage. They offer a more stylish and simple alternative to the windup mechanical watch. The only real disadvantage is that they do not work as quickly as their battery operated counterparts. But as we said they are far from perfect – we’ve already had problems with them starting slowly and then running down altogether. If you want a watch that works slowly and steadily and is relatively easy to wind yourself, and is not too bulky, then a manual winding watch is your best option.

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