Nixon Watches - A Review
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Nixon Watches – A Review

Nixon watches are one of the most popular and well known timepieces on the market today. The brand is a part of the Seiko Group which is the leading manufacturer of fashion watches in the world. Nixon is a Japanese watch, accessories and music brand, founded by Michael Kors in 1997 in Encinitas, CA, United States.

Focused primarily on the young people’s lifestyle market, the company sells both analogue and digital watches under its umbrella. It also manufactures other accessories such as bands, cases, straps and wristwatches. Currently sold in over 80 countries worldwide, Nixon keeps a strong hold on its own independent retail stores in Oakland, California and Bondi Beach, Australia as well as Kuta, Bali and Berkeley, CA.

Nixon watches are designed to appeal to men as well as women and are very unique in their style. They are made to be masculine yet extremely feminine at the same time and feature intricate and colorful dials and faces. Most Nixon watches are produced with the Swiss movement and have scratch resistance. The brand’s watches are considered very fashionable, sophisticated and are often worn by Hollywood celebrities as they look very trendy and sporty.

The Nixon brand was launched during the year 1969 with the goal to give back to the American economy. Nixon’s goal was to produce timepieces that were both durable and attractive. Nixon also wants to create a new image of the American consumer and it is for this reason that it has been known to create high quality luxury timepieces. These watches have been used by celebrities and well-known athletes around the world as they are very durable and reliable.

While the brand was originally introduced as an accessory, it has now grown into an independent brand and is known for its high-end watches. The brand features a wide variety of collections and it is not uncommon to find an individual watch belonging to each category.

The first collection of Nixon watches were manufactured in the early 1990’s when a group of entrepreneurs decided to start making their own brand of watches. The watches made by Nixon were not only affordable but also very elegant and made for the younger generation. They were designed with a contemporary feel but retained their elegance

Since then, the Nixon Watch Company has grown and expanded. It has produced many more models and designs that are available in both analogue and digital form. These include both analogue and digital quartz watches with interchangeable hands and faces and a host of other innovative technologies including perpetual calendars.

The Nixon brand is always on a constant lookout to enhance its product line. The watches can be customized according to the customers’ specific preferences as well as the style of their preferences. Whether you want a casual or formal watch, there are models out there that will suit your tastes and style.

The Nixon watches are very popular among young people and are very appealing to men as well. The watches tend to include all the features that appeal to most men and women. They are generally very masculine and stylish. The brand also has an extensive collection of bands to wear with the watches and you can choose from leather, rubber or even silver bands.

Nixon watches are available in both stainless steel and gold and are known for their long life span. Unlike most watches, these do not need to be serviced and are water resistant too. which makes them ideal for outdoor use.

In addition to being made of steel and gold, the watches can be purchased in a number of different designs. There are watches that have an uncoated or aqueous coating that is scratch and corrosion resistant and the watches are available in various styles and patterns. You will find Nixon watches in a variety of colours and are also available in a range of materials such as leather, metal, plastic and wood.

The Nixon brand was a pioneer in the field of sports and golf when it came to producing accessories such as golf watches. The brand was instrumental in the development of the new generation of golfers. Golf is one of the most popular sports and golf watches are one of the most popular accessories in the industry.

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