Popular Models Of Seiko 5 Watches
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Popular Models Of Seiko 5 Watches

The Japanese company Seiko has been in this business since 18ヤ decades. The brand was founded by the well-known Hori Seiji. He began his journey into the watch making at the age of 20. And till date, Seiko has been able to maintain a steady growth and fame in this industry. Among the wide range of Seiko Watches, there are two, which are most popular among the masses. The first is the Seiko Chronograph watch and the second is the Seiko Convertible watch.

The first one is an important part of the Seiko legacy. The design and the quality of the watch speak for itself. These watches are designed keeping in mind the needs of the common man. In other words, these watches have a larger frame to face any rugged work environment. These are perfect for outdoor works, while for the office it gives the look of elegance.

For the outdoors activities, one can go for the Seiko Youth Stainless steel Watch. These watches have a stainless steel case and a leather strap with a snap on the analogue dial. They are available in brown and blue colours. For the office, one can select the Seiko Chronograph Automatic Watch. These are available with a polished silver case and stainless steel bracelet with push-button clasp. The watch comes with date, day, time and luminous hands.

While for the more formal occasions, there is the Seiko Grand Chronograph Automatic. This watch has a date window with an alarm, stainless steel case, silver hands and luminous hands. The price of these watches is quite high, but one must remember that they have a longer life span. These are available with a polished silver case and stainless steel bracelet with the push-button clasp.

The latest addition to the Seiko family is the Seiko Complicated Watches. These are considered to be more high tech than the traditional watches. For example, you can have a virtual map on the watch face with the push of a button. Apart from this, the other features in these watches are voice recording, stopwatch and lap timer.

The Seiko Digital Select watches are considered to be among the best in the world. These are equipped with high quality movements and are water resistant to a certain extent. These watches have a large display which contains various sub buttons. One can even change the colour of the hands with the help of the various external and internal LED lights. These watches are quite expensive but are extremely durable.

The Seiko Digitaliser is another model that is worth considering. It is a digital timepiece which helps in displaying the time with the use of various tools such as calendar, graphs, radio and tones. Some of these tools are present in the watch as sub buttons as well. The dial changes colour as it changes the current time. The other important feature of this watch is that it can store various date in one date without the need of using multiple dates.

The Seiko Digital Select Professional range is equipped with a large sub dial and some of these watches have a date as well. These watches can be worn as divers and are perfect for all types of conditions. In fact, there is a model for every occasion. So, if you want to buy a watch that is stylish, delicate and luxurious at the same time, then the Seiko watch is the right choice for you. You can choose from the above watches and also buy accessories such as bracelets, sunglasses, bands and many other items.

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