The Original Speedmaster For Men
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The Original Speedmaster For Men

If you are looking for an excellent watch to add to your collection, you should consider an Omega Speedmaster wrist watch. This model offers accurate timekeeping accuracy as well as quality construction and features that are sure to please. This article provides an overview of the Omega Speedmaster watches that are available and the reasons why they make an excellent addition to any collection.

o Moon-gazers – One of the most unique watches that Omega ever produced is the Moon-gazer. This model features a self-explanatory name that refers to its self-explanatory design. This watch has an oversized inner bezel that extends to its outer edge in what is called a moon shape. It mimics the movement of the moon as it casts off dust and material from the surface of the earth. As this action happens, the Moon-gazer slowly moves up and down along its surface. This movement allows the inner bezel to sweep upward as well as sweep out to the sides as the moon dust travels along its path.

o Water Resistant – The Speedmaster isn’t a waterproof watch, but it can withstand being submerged in water for longer than other watches made. Its water resistance rating is thirty meters. This means that it can handle being splashed into water at a depth of a hundred meters or more for a period of time. Therefore, this is a great investment whether you’re a beginner diver or are in need of a watch that can stand up to a long dive and a number of dives after that.

o Professional Watches – The Speedmaster Professional Series was designed with professional divers in mind. This series features an extensive choice of interchangeable divers in order to meet any divers need. There are models that are made for the Apollo 13 astronauts, for deep water diving operations under water, and for use by divers on land. This series was designed with the assistance of NASA. It is therefore important that you buy a Speedmaster that has been certified by NASA.

o Moon Watches – Designed with a new approach, the Speedmasters now feature moon-proofing as well as water resistance. Moon Watches was introduced by NASA specifically for the astronauts during the Apollo 11 mission. Because of the moon’s fragile condition at that time, NASA needed a watch that could withstand the pressure of the vacuum of space and the high-altitude temperatures that would surround the moon. They designed and developed the Speedmaster Reduced Distance lunar module watch to help the astronauts. Since then, speedmasters with this feature have been used by lunar explorers and expeditions.

o Chronograph Features – One of the most unique aspects of the Omega Speedmaster Reduced Distance Chronograph is that it is able to function as a traditional chronograph or as a digital timer, depending upon the model of the watch. The ability of the watch to change between the two modes automatically changes the way people use it. For those who don’t want to keep an accurate time and just want to know the time, this feature is very useful. However, for sportsmen and runners, the ability of the speedmaster automatic to countdown and measure the distance without losing accuracy make it more popular. The chronograph function is also found in the moonwatch models, which are Moonbase models that have been modified for a lunar mission.

o Mission watches – The Apollo program was a remarkable mission, wherein many discoveries were made and astronauts went on to explore the moon. Many of these discoveries were made with the Speedmasters helping the astronauts with their GPS units, since the speeds they were traveling at that time were long distances away from land. There was no other way to tell if they were truly walking the distance or not. Since the Speedmasters were designed with a heavy LCD screen that was easy to read, the Apollo crews also used to refer to the watches as chronograph watches.

o Training – Many athletes train for a variety of reasons. Some train to run faster, while others train for increased leg strength and stamina. Some train for jobs as bodyguards or security guards. With all these reasons for training and physical conditioning, the need for precision time is vital. That is why the Speedmasters from Omega stood out and helped provide the needed training and precision to athletes of all kinds.

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