The Unique Features Of The Samsung Active 2
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The Unique Features Of The Samsung Active 2

If you are looking for a high performance health and fitness watch, the Samsung Active 2 is a great option. Samsung has spent a lot of time and energy to make the Active 2 one of the best health and fitness watches on the market today. What does it offer that sets it apart from other similar watches? Here is a look at what it offers.

Color: Black, Features: New, Watch as well as Health application are all in one package. The watch has an inbuilt barcode scanner so you can keep track of your exercise routines. It is designed to keep you physically fit and motivate you towards your fitness goals. With the Nike+ feature you can track your progress towards your goal, while the built-in GPS and pedometer will help you track your mileage.

High end technology. You are getting the latest in high-tech workout features on the Samsung Active 2. It offers resistance workouts for the upper body as well as lower body. The built-in calorie counter tracks your calories burned and gives you an average. The watch even suggests the right types of exercises to do for each target body part.

You can set up the watch to start tracking your progress in five minutes so you can keep track of where you’re going. The built-in heart rate monitor and the interactive workout program will motivate you to continue with your workout. The built-in program includes activities like walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, stair climbing, stair walking, rowing, tennis and much more.

Features: The watch comes with over forty-five workouts and fitness programs to choose from. They all have animated ones that show you how to do the exercise. They also have music with voiceover so you can hear what is being said. Most have the music already loaded but some have pre-loaded songs. They have over one hundred and twenty-five workouts, thirty-five days of calories, an alarm clock, stop watch, sleep timer and a calendar.

You can do the workout by sectioning your time into several different workouts. This helps you to do a little bit of everything at once or you can do just one thing at a time. You can add up the total for each day or just divide it by the number of days you’ve done the workout. The stopwatch allows you to track the amount of time you’ve spent working out during your routine. The workout and fitness features of this watch are great.

Step counting capability is a very important feature on these kinds of watches. Most step programs have a limit on how many steps you can take a day. This watch does not stop when you reach the daily step limit. It will also count the number of stairs you climb as well. You can set the maximum number of stairs you want it to climb so you don’t reach the upper limit.

You can use these watches for any activity. Some like to do a combination of aerobic exercise, core training and cardiovascular workout. Others just want to burn off some calories in the privacy of their own home. This is a very versatile product that works for people of all lifestyles. Samsung makes sure it’s not only a good watch but it’s also fun to wear.

If you’re into a sport, you’ll be happy to know that the Samsung Active 2 features the latest in GPS technology. You can get accurate real-time location information about where you are on the golf course or even down at the beach. You can use this device to find out what lies ahead or to simply find your way home. In whatever situation you might find yourself, this watch will help you get where you need to go. And you won’t miss out on any action because you didn’t check in with your GPS.

Do you love playing basketball? Perhaps you’re an aspiring star or just a fan of the sport. Well the new Active 2 is even better than before. Not only does this watch allow you to track your jump shot or the number of made three-point shots, it now also comes with a simulator that lets you play the game.

There are many more features to this fun watch. You’ll be surprised by all the health and fitness it can offer you. If you don’t like activities that require too much moving around, you should definitely check out the Samsung Active 2. You won’t be disappointed, and you’ll start to love to exercise while having fun.

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