Unique Features of Cartier Watches
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Unique Features of Cartier Watches

Cartier Watch: Born to Be Bold An intriguing name itself points towards adventurous curiosity and open mindedness, Cartier watches always see beauty in all things, making each Cartier creation superb and remarkable. The brand’s luxury timepieces range from classical to the very highest-end, attracting millions of prominent wearers worldwide. From the casual admirer of a master diver to the pilot of a corporate jet, Cartier has all it takes to inspire people’s obsessions and desire for the finest of timepieces.

Known for its Swiss-made quality, the Cartier Watch line includes an iconic chronometer called the Caliber 13001S. Named after the place of Cartier’s birth, this watch showcases the unmistakable signature round handgrip with applied markers. The dial is illuminated in rich blue with hints of green on the hands and on the hour markers. Brown leather straps complete the sophisticated look of these beautiful timepieces.

Known for its eye-catching designs, the Cartier Watch Range has a distinctiveness that distinguishes it from its rivals. The famous ‘floating logo’ first introduced by Cartier during World War I has become synonymous with the brand’s ethos and appeal. This iconic symbol first made its presence felt on the dials and hands of the original models. A series of modifications followed that gradually added golden crowns and various other embellishments on the original design. Today, the original logo still graces Cartier wrist watches and it can be readily found on both wristwatches and bands.

For those looking for precision and durability, the caliber of the materials used in manufacturing Cartiers Watches is second to none. Designed for a long lifespan in the elements, Cartier Watches is sturdy timepieces. Made using heavy gauge stainless steel, the overall finish of these watches will stay with you for decades. In addition to their durable composition, they are also resistant to corrosion and are suitable for all outdoor activities. Available in both calibre ranges, the Caliber F 40 and Stainless Steel MC Automatic Watch belong to the stainless steel category.

All the models of Cartier Watches are embellished with their trademark logo. The most popular among them are the Master Watch and the Master Chrono. Both are embellished with the engravings of Louis Vuitton, with the dial in black rubber or ‘le petitgrain’ with white and blue enamel. Other complications present in the range of this iconic brand include the option of interchangeable links, chronograph cages, and mother of pearl encrusted watches.

For those looking for elegance, style and precision, Cartier Watches offers the Platinum Refurbished series. These watches are considered highly valuable due to their rich heritage. It is worth mentioning that these in-house watches are exclusively designed and manufactured to meet the highest quality standards. Unlike other luxury timepieces, high-end watches produced by Cartier are made with a steel frame and leather straps.

Like the previously mentioned luxury brands, Cartier has its own collection of men’s watches as well. The Master Chrono is the masculine chronograph with a striking gold or yellow gold case and sapphire crystal. The stainless steel Briet Swiss Diamond Watch is a perfect addition to any collection as it is embellished with transparent or metallic green and yellow gold bezel. The discreetly placed embossing and the innovative date function make the combination even more attractive.

The Master of Fifths, as it is popularly called, is another in-house chronograph that has an embellished black dial and rose gold hands. A polished silver bezel completes the overall look of this watch. Other options include the Grandmaster Bleu, a model dedicated to those who treasure the art of fencing, and the Stainless steel Briet Swiss Diamond Watch, designed as an homage to Cartier itself. With its blend of classic design and modern functionality, the Pink Gold Cartier Watch is sure to become even more sought-after.

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