Why the Timex Automatic Watch Is a Great Choice
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Why the Timex Automatic Watch Is a Great Choice?

Timex Automatic watches were originally designed for the needs of mountain bikers and outdoor sportsmen. They feature rugged straps, heavy duty metal casings and are water resistant to a certain depth. Timex began their involvement in the sports watch market when they started the Timex Marathon Watch as an aid for athletes. Since then the company has branched out into a much wider range of products including watches for commercial use.

The Timex Automatic watch has an inbuilt stopwatch, a timer, and has a crown for adjusting the time. It has a large printed backlight along with bright colors and a large index hand. This watch can be worn on its own or can be used as a running watch as well. They are available in three colors Black, Blue and White.

One thing that is different about Timex is that they have a manual wind feature. Manual winding watches have a tendency to run a bit slow. This is not a problem with this watch because it has a self-winding feature that allows it to run at whatever speed you set it at. This means that you do not have to wind it every morning and every evening. As you wear it the watch will automatically wind itself.

There is a wide range of price for this watch. Its price range starts from around $150 for a basic model that has a one year warranty to over one thousand dollars for a higher end model that has a two year warranty. The more features you get the more it will cost. You can get models that have heart rate monitors and stopwatch built in. These are very useful if you are doing some serious fitness training.

You can buy the Timex Automatic with a leather strap or a plastic strap. If you are going to be doing a lot of activity that will require you to be on your feet all day then you may want to consider getting a Timex Automatic with a leather strap as it will be less likely to wear out. The plastic strap is more for those who like to wear their accessories on their wrist.

The Timex Automatic watches range makes some great watches that are suitable for both athletes and time travelers. They are made in a range of materials, so you are sure to find one that will go with your style. The price of these watches is reasonable and you can easily afford to buy yourself more than one watch. They are perfect for anyone who is serious about their running or other sports.

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