A Closer Look at Two Different Types of Automatic Watches
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A Closer Look at Two Different Types of Automatic Watches

An automatic watch, sometimes called self-winder watch or self-winder automatic, is basically a timepiece with an internal motor that automatically self-winds by itself without the help of an armature. In other words, the watch works on its own when the crown has been lifted by a pull cord attached to the case and wrist. A movement similar to that of a wind watch will result in the running of perpetual hour and minute hands. These types of watches are commonly used for sports activities such as golf, skiing and fishing.

Self-winder automatic timepieces are popularly purchased for people who want the convenience of having their watches wind themselves without the aid of an armistice. In spite of its name, these timepieces do not necessarily wind themselves. They rely on the movement of the crown or other parts of the timepiece to keep running. However, most of these wind watches have crowns with tiny wheels that keep the crown properly secured to the giver. This reduces the need for a human hand to keep the crown firmly secured to the face of the watch.

This technique makes automatic watches more convenient because it eliminates the need to manually wind a watch when the timepiece is in storage. The wearer can set the time to start the day and stop it at any desired point within the day. If there is any interference, the hands on the winder will move over it and start the handwind. In addition, the automatic winding feature of these types of timepieces makes it easier for the wearer to reset the time, since resetting it results in the rotor winding backwards. Moreover, the hands on winders of automatic watches can be wound using the crown, as opposed to winding them manually.

Since automatic watches require no extra power source to run themselves, they are the most environmentally friendly device that a person can own. Because they run without a battery, all that is needed to power them is the movement of a hand-piece against a crown. Even though this may seem like a very simple thing, the amount of energy needed to keep a watch running is quite considerable. That is why most automatic watches include a small battery in order to keep the motor going. However, most people consider the battery to be a waste of money, since the energy that the battery consumes is only enough to power the watch for a few seconds.

Self-winding watches can be wound manually by turning the crown, since this operation requires only minimal effort on the part of the wearer. However, self-winders that rely on quartz movements and power from stored electricity are much more energy-efficient than those that run on batteries. Indeed, many people consider it better to buy automatic watches that run on batteries because they are considered more eco-friendly than those that run on quartz mechanisms.

There are many different brands of automatic watch available in the market today. Some are well known names, while others have gained a reputation through high quality and stylish designs. For an informed buyer, it is always important to know which type of mechanism the watch uses. It would be especially helpful to do some research before purchasing one, so that one can know whether it would be best to buy a self-winder or a manual wind watch. Also, knowing the difference between mechanical and quartz mechanisms can help one decide whether to buy an automatic watch whose movement is powered by electricity or one that relies on natural quartz energy.

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