Longines-Wittnau Watches - For All Those Who Want A Swiss Masterpiece
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Longines-Wittnau Watches – For All Those Who Want A Swiss Masterpiece

Among the most famous Swiss sports watch brands, Wittnauer watches are one of its kind. This watch brand was founded by Mr. Richard J.W. Wittnau in Zurich, Switzerland in 1963. Since then it has grown to become one of the finest sports watches both for the category of luxury and utility as well.

The history of this brand can be traced back to the year 1924 when it was founded by Richard J.W. Wittnau, who had joined the Swiss army and was stationed in Germany during World War II. Here he developed his interest for aviation and founded a company called Wismetel AG. This company later became a part of the Swatch group that was an innovative manufacturer of jewelry, watches and other luxury items. It later on changed its name to just “Wittnau” and later on it was decided to add the word “Swiss” in it. With time it continued to gain more popularity and it became a household name as it was always associated with great quality and stunning looks.

The heart of the brand is its collection of watches which bear the name “Wittnau.” These watches are elegant with a simple yet elegant design. Some of these watches include the following: Vacheron Constantin, Vacheron Excalibur, Vacheron Grandmaster, Vacheron Luminor, Vacheron Chronograph, Vacheron Classic Chronograph, Vacheron GMT, Vacheron Professional Chronograph, and Vacheron Chrono. These watches are available in different colors such as steel and stainless steel.

This brand was established by Mr. Walther Nittler who had received training and had worked with famous designers such as Hugo Lacroix, Leon Vitreous, and Maurice Lacroix. Here he developed the Vacheron line which included elegant and luxurious watches which were made in Switzerland. He later went on to found the watch manufacturing company Swatch group which is now part of the giant Swatch group that is responsible for some of the world’s most valuable and exquisite watches. He also designed the popular Nittler watches which are still popular even up to this day. This brand of brand was also responsible for the development of such famous and longines-wittnau timepieces as the Hamilton Beach, Breitling, Seiko, Citizen, and Omega.

In the sixties the brand was introduced as a private label and for the first time it was made exclusively for the rich and privileged section of the Swiss population. It was not long before they had achieved the target as more people were attracted by its luxury designs and stylish designs. Its stylish and refined look made it stand out from the crowd and soon it acquired the status of a classic label. As it gained popularity, the company expanded into watches, cufflinks, luggage tags, belts, and many other fashion accessories. It was not long before it had become a household name and established itself as a brand that is synonymous with luxury and class. A very high quality, ultra-modern watch was the perfect accessory for any trendy person who wanted to make a bold and unique statement.

The company is very proud of its wristwatches that are always designed, produced and sold under their own name. These wristwatches come in various shapes, colors, materials and sizes. Whatever the preference or style of a person is, there is always a longines-wittnau watch brand that will match it perfectly.

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