Polar Perfomance M Series - Perfect Workout Equipment For Your Health Needs
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Polar Perfomance M Series – Perfect Workout Equipment For Your Health Needs

Challenge your limits with the Polar Vantage M; lightweight and slim multisport GPS watch especially designed for those who love to set new milestones. The Polar Vantage M will not only help you track your activities in one place, it will also guide you through various outdoor sports such as kayaking, fishing, cycling and running. This device has been specifically developed for people who love outdoor sports and give them the convenience of an advanced GPS system coupled with a large LCD screen, easy-to-read memory card, and backlight LCD viewing. This multisport GPS watch lets you navigate through the wilderness with a reliable compass, thermometer, lap timer, and speed analyzer.

The Polar Vantage M gives you everything needed to optimize your workout by displaying split views of your workout. You can view your heart rate, your speed, the distance you have covered, and your calories burned during your training session, as well as a graphic of your fitness status. This small and sleek training device gives you everything you need to optimize your cardio workout with a variety of useful features. The built-in polar vantage dashboard makes it easy to track your progress during your training session with split views so that you can see how you have improved over time.

The polar of 430 works well with any portable GPS. It runs on four AA batteries that can be replaced easily. If you lose the battery life of your unit, you just simply plug it into the nearest wall outlet. This compact device offers excellent back support with its ergonomic silicone grips. Since it comes with a weight of less than five ounces, it is also easy to carry around.

Polar Vantage M will track your progress during a week of solid training. The workout logs, calorie counters, workouts, and intervals are clearly displayed on the LCD screen. The GPS is easy to use with its one-touch menu options. You can record your daily activity by pressing the start button and then start a new time period with a simple touch of the little finger on the screen.

With the polar m430, you get the best of both worlds-a full-body workout with a flexible wrist strap. The strapless design is comfortable to wear and comes with an elasticated band for a secure fit. You can get this watch with or without a chest strap depending on what you prefer. Although the strapless design may not work for some, the watch may not be suitable for those who like to wear their chest straps at all times. If you are on the lookout for a strapless workout watch, the Polar Vantage M is your best option.

The GPS within the watch means you can set the polar m 430 up as a portable GPS device with accuracy. This watch has an in-built inertial measurement unit, which allows it to function even when you are walking around. Another added advantage is the ability to connect to a laptop or PC using Bluetooth technology. You can store up to thirty hours of data and get quick access to the information through the USB cable. The battery life is long enough to last you through a whole workout session so you can still enjoy a good workout.

The GPS functionality is complemented perfectly with the mountain climbing metrics offered by the polar m. The console provides a comprehensive overview of your session, including distance, heart rate, calories burned, speed, pace and many more metrics. To get to the details of your workout, you can use the interactive gps features. One such useful feature is the power meter. The power meter displays your total amount of charge used during a particular session. The power meter can also measure your heart rate. If you use the polar m.mountain gps with the mountain climbing metrics, you will get a detailed overview of your route and the difficulty of the climb.

With the help of the polar flow app, you can plan your exercise routine according to your fitness needs. The polar flow app records all your activity during a day and then it calculates your calories burnt, total time of exercise, number of sessions and much more. This helps you keep track of your weekly progress as well as your monthly gains. With all these activities recorded in detail, you can plan your workouts based on your fitness goals and monitor your improvements.

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