quartz Watches - 3 Ways to Enhance Your Watch's Accuracy
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quartz Watches – 3 Ways to Enhance Your Watch’s Accuracy

Quartz watches are specialized timepieces which utilize an internal quartz crystal as the source of an electrical oscillator to maintain time. This crystal oscillator produces a signal with extremely precise frequency, which is why most quartz watches and quartz clocks are at least a little more accurate than mechanical clocks. This precision is one of the main reasons why quartz crystals are used for internal electronic workings in these devices. However, quartz crystals are extremely fragile and tend to develop errors over time, even with the most stringent cleaning procedures. Hence, it is highly important that these timepieces are properly maintained to ensure that their accuracy can be maintained at optimal levels.

The first thing that you should do to maintain your quartz watches and automatic watches is to purchase a reliable quartz crystal and an authentic quartz watchmaker. These watchmakers will be able to provide you with both of the items at a much lower price than what you will find at the counter. The reason for this is that, unlike mechanical watches, automatic watches do not require an internal spring that needs to be maintained periodically against the forces of its functioning. Therefore, an authentic and reliable watchmaker will be able to provide you with both a quartz oscillator and a quartz chronograph at a much lower price than what you would expect to pay from an authentic watchmaker who would have to maintain his or her timepiece using a mineral crystal and a tourmaline element. It is therefore highly recommended that you select a good quality watchmaker who does not have a huge overhead, but who is still able to produce precision timepieces at a much lower cost.

Secondly, you should also find a high quality quartz movement. A good quartz movement will not need any maintenance, since it will remain highly accurate throughout its lifetime. Some of the best quartz movements available in the market today feature ceramic wheels instead of metal encased magnets. Ceramic wheels allow for greater precision, despite their small size. The result is an extremely accurate timepiece with a low maintenance burden.

Thirdly, you should also invest in a spare battery. Since automatic watches have a limited lifespan, replacing the batteries on a regular basis is necessary. Because automatic watches use batteries, you should also purchase a battery that is durable enough to withstand the extreme pressures that automatic watches exert against the battery. For safety reasons, it is always recommended that you buy a battery that is stored safely away from children. For added protection, make sure the battery is encased in a battery bag.

Lastly, you should look out for high quality, yet affordable accessories. Accessories such as straps, cases and even clocks can greatly enhance the overall timekeeping efficiency of your timepiece. Moreover, accessories help your watch look more stylish and trendy.

A quartz movement is an excellent timekeeping tool because of its accuracy and precision. In addition to being precise, quartz movements are also very durable. Quartz movements, however, are best utilized in mechanical watches that utilize a non-resetting mechanical second. This type of watch has been tested and proven to provide high levels of accuracy as well as durability. If you want the most accurate time possible, make sure you get a quartz watch with the right features.

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