Quartz Wristwatches - A New Look For Your Self
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Quartz Wristwatches – A New Look For Your Self

Quartz watches were made in India from the mid to late eighteenth century. It is now widely available in different shapes and sizes as these are truly hand crafted.

Quartz watches are generally small and come in a variety of colours and styles. They are mainly used by the well-to-do individuals of society as it is cost effective. However, there are still some people who go for the cheaper ones.

There are various types of quartz watch available. The quartz watches usually have a silver tone dial, or a gold tone. However, you can choose one with any other colour and you can add accessories like ringlets to make your wrist look nice.

The better quality of the watch will obviously cost more. However, you will be able to get the one which suits your pocket or the one that looks good on you. The type of quartz watch, which is of more popular these days is the tourbillon watch. These watches come with excellent parts and which cannot be found in other types of watches.

Quartz wristwatches are simply hand made. The features of these watches are also unique, as they can be operated by pushing a button or a lever. The main components of a quartz watch are the band, hands, dial and the movement.

The straps of the watch vary from using a solid gold band to an alloyed material. The type of metal that is used is important because if it is of lesser grade, the watch will not last long.

The hands also come in various colours which are of different colours. You can choose the colour of the hands to suit your taste. The dials are also of different colours, some of them are green, yellow, pink and white.

Quartz wristwatches are best suited for daily wear and can help you in tracking your daily routine and the time as well. For those who want to look trendy and classy these watches are a must for you.

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