What Makes The Best Automatic Watch?
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What Makes The Best Automatic Watch?

What are the best automatic watches? For most people, they would readily say that a mechanical watch is one of the best options. The reason for this is not because mechanical watches are very finely crafted and make for impressive aesthetic designs, but because they are also very dependable and versatile timepieces.

There is no doubt that mechanical watches are generally expensive. That being said, it is possible to get excellent mechanical and quartz alike at relatively low prices. However, these watches do not have the inherent characteristic of quality that comes with more expensive watches. There are several other advantages associated with buying quartz and mechanical watches that you should be aware of if you are planning on buying one.

To begin with, most people are not aware that the most expensive quartz watches tend to be of poor quality. As a result, you should only invest in high quality quartz watches and avoid going for less expensive mechanical watches. Even when you opt for more expensive brands, it is advisable to go for a quartz watch simply because of the fact that mechanical watches are less subject to damage and this translates into more money for you.

Quartz automatic watches are far more reliable than mechanical counterparts, as well. Quartz timepieces are also much more durable, so you do not need to worry about replacing them too frequently. In fact, they may last up to half a century or more before they start showing signs of damage. The only downside associated with quartz timepieces is their lower precision. This can actually work against you in some instances because it can lead you to underestimate the time.

If you are looking for the best automatic watches, you should consider ceramic. Ceramic timepieces have the advantage of being more resilient than most other quartz watches. They also work well under a wide range of conditions. On the downside, these timepieces are usually more expensive than the others, but they will last up to twice as long as a quartz watch.

However, even though quartz watches are considered the best, you should be very careful about falling for marketing tricks. The truth is that mechanical watches are always better than quartz ones. The reason for this is that mechanical movements allow for more precision and functionality. You will get more bangs for your buck by opting for mechanical over quartz. You will also benefit from the greater durability offered by mechanical watches.

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