A Complicated Look at the Best Ladies Watch
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A Complicated Look at the Best Ladies Watch

The world’s leading luxury watch brand, Rolex is synonymous with masculine luxury. One of the first watches to be launched by the brand, the Datejust was launched in 1955. This stainless steel wrist watch has a unique alligator skin with a bezel. It has a dial that offers a choice of three modes – sport, dress and classic. The gold plated case and bracelet provide Class, elegance and sophistication.

The Rolex datejust was on the wrists of movie stars when it was introduced and has since become one of the most sought after luxury timepieces. Subsequently, the brand rose to fame as a premier designer watch brand, which earned it a place on the prestigious Oprah’s Favorite List. Now, it proudly bears the honour of being on the hand of every fashionable conscious individual around the globe.

The Rolex datejust comes with a silver plated case and an alligator skin with a bezel. It has a dial that offers a choice of three modes – sport, dress and classic. A dial embossed with the Swatch logo and the year of manufacture is given as well. It has a deployment clasp as well and can be used as a dress watch. The Rolex date window makes it a perfect collector’s item as it is embossed with the Swatch logo on every date window.

The Rolex datejust comes in a range of styles and dials. It features the popular round-faced, square or rectangular dial in either gold tone or sterling silver. There are also models that come in the full gold automatic band along with silver plated, blue or green dials. These watches are fit for men and women alike. Women who prefer wearing the classic and elegant fashion of watches wear these watches.

The Rolex datejust Automatic is a little heavy on the pockets but its durability makes up for it. It sports a robust stainless steel bracelet and a deployment clasp. The Rolex full metal watch is powered by a Seiko 40mm polished bezel with a polished ring for an elegant look. It has a swastika on the dial and is also available in gold tone. The silver plated case has been capped and is shielded by a deployment clasp. The Rolex date just Automatic comes in a circular shape and can be worn on any occasion.

The Rolex watches have some of the best technology and are powered by the innovative Kinetic Energy module which offers reliable automatic changing date window. This watch will date the date when you press the button on the side of the watch. In addition to that, this watch also offers day and night time complication which helps you to select the time manually or automatically. The elapsed time will be shown in seconds and the day is represented by hands while the night time complication shows the time in the exact minute. There is also a calculator on the dial watch that helps you to measure distance, speed and other relevant time information.

The watches from the brand are available in various colors and features. Rollex datejust Automatic is offered in a black and silver plated, silver and graphite combination as well as a black and yellow combination. While the watches are powered by the Seiko Kinetic Energy module, users can set the time manually or automatically. Users also have the option to choose from the various features such as a stopwatch, timer, second timer and date calendar.

Most of the users are quite happy with the performance of Rolex watches. They prefer wearing these watches on the wrist since they are comfortable and light weighted. The best part of this watch is that it has a self-winding mechanical chronograph. Therefore, if you have always wanted to wear a sophisticated looking stainless steel watch, then buy a Rolex datejust automatic wrist watch today!

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