Emporio Watches - Luxury and Sophistication Combined
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Emporio Watches – Luxury and Sophistication Combined

Armani Watches has earned the hearts of many fashion conscious individuals worldwide. The stylish Italian brand was established in 1992 by watchmaker Mario Moretti. This company has so far established five iconic watches that have become the symbol of fashion and elegance. The various Armani watch models come with new innovative concepts and are designed to suit different taste and style. In this article we will look at the new Armani Watches that are all set to take the world by storm.

The Fossil Group is an offshoot from the original Armani watch brand. These watches bear the hallmark of the Armani ethos of craftsmanship and precision combined with a bold and sporty sense of style. The new Fossil watches from the Fossil Group are great luxury timepieces that can make a lasting fashion statement for both males and females.

Among the many luxury timepiece brands in the market, Emporio Armani Watches are considered as some of the most elite in the world. The Emporio Armani watches range from the mainframe to the divers watch series is stylish and elegant. The Emporio watches bear the hallmark of Emporio Armani’s passion and dedication to art, beauty and perfection. If you want to add a touch of class to your wardrobe, then the Emporio watches from Emporio Armani are a great way to do so.

Another member of the Emporio Armani watch family is the Emporio Chronograph watches. These precision timepieces are not only highly functional but also exude an air of sophistication that leaves a lasting impression on everyone around. The Emporio Chronograph watches brands from Emporio Armani include the AR5628w, AR5628h, AR56291, AR56291w and AR56292h.

Other watches from Emporio Armani that have become popular over time include the Emporio Convertible Titanium Watches, Emporio Round Top Watch, Emporio Chronograph Ladies’ Watch and the Emporio Stainless Steel Watch. All these fine fashion watch brands from Emporio Armani are extremely durable and are technologically advanced. They have been designed by world renowned designers such as Marco Chiaggia, Piero Maggi, Giorgio Armani and Riccardoires Casta. In fact, some of the watches from these luxury fashion watch brands have been known to last up to a century.

Last but not the least is the Emporio Stainless Steel Watch line from Emporio Armani. This stainless steel watch has an elegant and sophisticated look that is coupled with top grade materials. Some of the best selling watches in the Emporio Armani watch collection are the Emporio Chronograph, the Emporio AR5628W, the Emporio AR56289L and the Emporio AR56291H. The Emporio Stainless Steel Watches is also highly popular due to their high quality and durable construction.

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